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First Church of Christ, Scientist Haddonfield, NJ


A dedicated and happy group of Christian Scientists began meeting in a rented space in Haddonfield NJ in December, 1930, and held their first service in their new church building on July 10, 1932. This lovingly maintained Georgian style building has been located for over 90 years on the corner of Kings Highway East and Sylvan Lake Avenue, next to the Haddonfield High School.

These words of counsel from the Discoverer and Leader of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy were read at the laying of the church corner stone:

“Forget self in laboring for mankind…and find access to the heart of humanity.”
(Miscellaneous Writings page 155:7)

Nov 19, Haddonfield, NJ: Radio lecture at 7:05 PM


By Nate Frederick
Sat, November 19, 2022 at 7:05 PM
Location: Radio station WOR 710 AM
Listen online at:
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Are prayer and healing for you? I mean, if you have no experience with spirituality or religion, or you're not even sure what you think about God, can you still pray and be healed?

Yes. Because prayer and healing are natural to us, and I say this as one who didn't even grow up in a religious household. But what I've discovered as I've studied Christian Science is that a willingness to shift perspectives, to see things in a new, more spiritual way, has an effect--for anyone.

Like in the case of an inmate I worked with. As I shared the basics of Christian Science with him he said it all sounded great but he was just a bad person. He seemed pretty convinced that healing wasn't for him. But as we talked about the fact that he wasn't defined by his past, but by God, his source, who is completely good, I could tell his thought about himself was changing.

And then he wanted more. So he took a copy of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, back to his cell and started to dive into these books.

Six or seven weeks later, I ran into him again and he told me that he'd been healed of a serious illness--just from studying the Bible and Science and Health. His study helped him grasp God and his life in a new way and his disease was cured.

In my lecture, I'll share more about the fundamentals of effective prayer, as I've learned from studying Christian Science, as well as how healing is truly possible for everyone.

Lecturer's Website


Remote Attendance

Both the weekly services may be joined by phone-in or via ZOOM. Call 1-929-436-2866 Sunday 10am and Wednesday 7:30pm Meeting ID: 448 288 2719#.

Link to join by video or audio on your computer, iPad, or smart phone:

What Happens at a Christian Science Sunday Service?

On Sunday, hymns are sung, and a beautiful solo is performed, all accompanied by the glorious 1935 Kimball pipe organ. Also, the congregation prays the Lord’s Prayer and silent prayer for each other. The main portion of the service is the reading of a Bible Lesson from the King James Version of the Bible, and from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, which offers a spiritual understanding of the healing laws of God or divine Science found in Christ Jesus’ teachings and throughout the Bible.

The Churches of Christ, Scientist have no ordained clergy. The hour-long service is conducted by two lay “Readers,” elected from the members of the church to serve a few years each. Our church members and regular attendees are very supportive of one another. Church feels like family, and we love gathering and working together to bless the community and the world, through fellowship and sponsoring or participating in worthy events.

We would be very pleased to have you visit. These quotes appear on the front wall of the auditorium:

“God is Love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.”
I John 4:16
“Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”
Mary Baker Eddy

Attend Wednesday Evening Testimony Meetings

This church also meets every week on Wednesday night, in the Sunday School Auditorium.

At this gathering, we hear the First Reader share about 15 minutes of citations from the Bible and from Science and Health on a specific topic relative to current needs. Also, three hymns are sung, and we pray together.

But most of the meeting is open to all the attendees, giving anyone who wishes the opportunity to “testify” and share how their prayers and a study of truths found in the Bible and from the explanations in the textbook, Science and Health helped them understand God’s loving care for them, and find healing and solutions for all aspects of life and the world.

Everyone is very welcome to come – just to observe, or to participate in this very special and inspiring meeting.

Sunday School Is Fun!

If you are less than 20 years old, this is the place for you! Sunday School happens at the same time as church in the auditorium. There, everyone gathers at first to sing a hymn, pray, and read a few Bible citations together. Then the students break up into classes for the younger and the older kids. First lessons include learning the Ten Commandments and Beatitudes, not just what they say but also how to use them. Then, they search the Bible stories and learn from the prophets, the disciples and apostles, and especially Christ Jesus.

They learn about God, about how to pray, and how to put into practice His laws of Truth and Love that bring goodness and healing to every need and endeavor of their lives. Here, you can ask the tough questions, and we’ll search for God’s answers together.

Children’s Room

There is also a sweet nursery for very young children, who will be lovingly cared for while their family attends church and Sunday School.

Reading Room

A good description of a Reading Room is a “spiritual resource center.” Every First Church of Christ, Scientist maintains one for their church community. It is not primarily for church members.

It is a public bookstore, where the products offered may be purchased or read in comfort on site. There are various Bibles and Bible research materials, items for children, Christian music and pamphlets, numerous online resources to read and listen to, as well as all the writings on Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy, the Christian Science magazines filled with current healings and inspirational articles, and even the international news magazine, The Christian Science Monitor.

You may be interested to learn more about Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of this church, in the Reading Room. There are numerous biographies about her since she was a very fascinating and accomplished woman living during the harsh times of the Victorian Age.

Mark Twain said of Mrs. Eddy: “In several ways she is the most interesting woman that ever lived, and the most extraordinary.” In the Reading Room, you may also explore and buy her primary work, the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

The Haddonfield Christian Science Reading Room has been in its present location, beside the Nicky B’s restaurant and the Post Office, for nearly 70 years. Come with your questions, or just recharge in a restful place of peace and healing.

Thank you for visiting us here, and we hope to see you soon!


The Official Website for detailed information on Christian Science

Mary Baker Eddy

Bible Lessons

Daily Lift

The Christian Science Monitor

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Youth Podcasts, etc.

Looking for healing?

Church, Reading Room and Contact Information

Sunday Service
and Sunday School
Sunday: 10:00 AM (childcare available)
Wednesday Testimony Meeting
Wednesday: 7:30 PM (childcare available)
Thanksgiving Day Service
10 AM
Reading Room Hours
Mon-Sat 11 AM - 2 PM
355 Kings Hwy, East
Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033
Church Location

Reading Room
19 S Haddon Ave
Haddonfield, New Jersey
Reading Room Location
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